Wrapping Presence

How You Can Help

  • Donate new gift items (value no more than $12-15)
  • Join a crafting session and make door decorations and corsages for residents
  • Provide wrapping supplies or gift boxes
  • Give a tax-deductible monetary donation
  • Become a gift “buyer” (funds provided)
  • Bake holiday cookies (recipe provided)
  • Become a “Wrapping Buddy” (requires attendance at a one-hour workshop)
  • Become a MOG (Miscellaneous Organizational Gopher)
  • Attend one of our Uno’s Chicago Grille fundraising nights (see the Calendar for details)
  • Purchase a BonTon Community Day Coupon Booklet this November and next February
  • Shop through iGive.com to have a portion of your online purchases donated to Wrapping Presence

If you’re interested in making a donation or volunteering with Wrapping Presence, contact us!

Interact Club High School cookie bakers
A crafting session in Andrews Hall